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Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

I want to lose weight but am embarrassed about how I look

This may stop many from even making that first step and imagine it does over and over again but when is there ever the right time? The answer is now is the right time.

Remember how many times you were going to do something about this and haven’t and most likely this time last year you were in the same predicament but the only difference is you are going to be or already are, another year older. Scarey? … not really, I am here waiting to help you make one of the best decisions of your life.. I think that’s pretty good. Most importantly, I am not here to judge how you look, I am here to help you sort out you , look back at the old you and celebrate the changes!

Will I be made to do exercises that I really don’t want to do?

No is the simple answer, the more complicated answer is that it is perhaps a good idea to try an exercise you didn’t think you’d like … bit like trying a food you don’t like the look of but actually in the end quite like the taste and cant believe it took you all that time to try it!


What is cardiovascular fitness?

It is the capacity of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen rich blood to the working muscles and the capacity of the muscles to use oxygen to produce energy for movement.

How will it help me? CV training/activity will decrease body fat, lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart and can reduce or eliminate the use of diabetic medications. It also relieves stress /anxiety & releases the feel good factor hormone endorphine.

If we don’t work out in a gym, where do we workout?

The location for this could be out doors in a nearby park, in your home for quickest convenience to you or my garden studio without the expense of a gym membership and the time spent travelling to get there. I will offer guidance and understanding from the very start for your fitness journey. There will times when it is hard to stick to the plan, due to the weather, or tiredness or any other excuse but I will be there and together the fitness you set out to get, will be yours and yours to keep!

What I expect from you and what you can expect from me

There will be a 2 way process between you and I. will do my best to inspire you, motivate you and be the best mentor possible with the years of experience I have behind me. In return, I will expect from you effort commitment communication & a real desire to get the fitness you require. With this understanding, you will get real value for money.

I will offer challenging sessions that will work with your input and you’ll feel happier the more you put in as you will simply get more back!


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