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Physically Fabulous ways to get fit and stay fit

Can I Help You?

The simple answer is YES … male or female ! If you want to get fit in general , or to finally lose that 6 pounds in weight or more that will just make you feel great again, everyone will have a goal big or small and that’s all you need to get started to make this change.

If you have always wanted to have completed a short running race, a half marathon or bigger, a marathon but have lacked the courage of where to start,.. I can help you build your esteem and self confidence in making the first step and will help you reach your goal.

‘Self esteem and self identity through fitness’

Now is the time to put yourself somewhere near to the top of your ‘ to do’ list this year … it will change your life in many ways. Getting your fitness back or starting at the beginning could lift you out of a rut you have been stuck in for sometime.

It will give you a fantastic feeling that you’re putting your health first allowing time for yourself that without making that first step, you would have never known how good it feels to be in charge of your body.

I can help you get started on your fitness plan that you’ve been putting off, and will do my utmost to help you keep it once you’ve got it and it will be a lot of fun getting there.

'There has to be cracks to let the light in'

Latest News

Seven Years & Still Going Strong!

Physically Fabulous Fitness now in its seventh year and helps  approximately 120 people a week to maintain fitness levels. Continuity is the name of the game with fitness maintenance and it's just so great to see women attending in their early 60's way into their 70's and some into their early 80's with no sign of giving in. Inspirational.  It's very important that people reading this understand that I have no age limits in my classes.

This is often asked and in my mind it's always all about ATTITUDE.
If you WANT to do boot camp style workouts at 75 yrs old,  do them. If you want to dance and think a bit of hip hop or disco or rock n roll ( to name but a few of the style of dance I thread into the classes) are for the young, you are in for some fun because we can all dance in any style we wish to so that's why I create our routines to cover ALL possible styles for any ages and safely.

It's been a great start to the year watching the classes gain new members , more socials being created and just a real sense of friendship amongst everyone. They say it's much easier to maintain fitness when you have friends to go with which is true when I think of how many of you come together each week in small or large groups through the doors!

I'd just like to thank everyone who inspires me to keep helping you all , keep fit.
I've been told that I'll never be able to stop doing what I do and might have to follow in the footsteps of a teacher I took over from in 2012 who was 75 when she stopped!

Dance Fit, The All Weather Girls and Purestretch....

Starting with Dance Fit, this  class runs at  Yealmpton , Plymstock,  Elburton Down Thomas, and Plympton. The longest running of these being Yealmpton beginning in January 2012.
Ladies are saying that missing one class especially two, has a noted effect on their fitness but are soon back up to scratch again after a class or two. Our muscle memory is a fine and useful thing but we do have to keep on ,keeping on!

The DANCE FIT class is a bigger calorie burner than we realise and I am very happy to recently watch a BBC 1 TV program recently with Angela Rippon presenting ' HOW TO STAY YOUNG' Thursday 7 April 2016 where it is now proven that dance is the best thing you can do for your body fitness wise as your brain is having to engage more muscle action , in more places of the body than any other form of fitness. This just has to be good news and dance , for most, is so much fun!

The longest running class so far and possibly the most testing ( for me and the girls) due to its outdoor-ness  is the 'ALL WEATHER GIRLS' outdoor women's circuit class on Horsham Fields, Wembury Road, Plymstock/Oak's Rugby Club.

Only a few weeks ago, we were doing core exercises on mats on the grass with hail stones landing all over us stinging our faces , soaking us through, the next week, we are turning our backs to the sun as we try to complete the last 20 minutes without getting burnt!

A fulfilling and very laughter filled class that hurts but has great reward hitting the global muscles, quads and  glutes  and keeping these muscles strong fat burning machines!

The newest class  ' PURESTRETCH' ' is a lovely 45 minute session of stretching and core exercise using basic equipment with Stamina, strength and flexibility as the main aim of the session.

I am especially pleased to have some men attending this class as though we are all bad at finding time to stretch, or even understand why we ought to, men in particular with tight hamstrings and tight backs are a challenge to un - knot but I am seeing improvement here.


DANCE FIT: An hour of cardio choreographed dance to many styles of dance and music. Four out of five classes have 3 to 4 tracks of music for tone and stretch half way through the class.

THE ALL WEATHER GIRLS: An outdoor women's body weight circuit class using only, gravity and the weight of your own body to become strong, fit and to burn calories well after exercise.

PURESTRETCH: A 45 minute class for core and body strength, stamina and flexibility using overballs (squishy soft balls) and resistance bands.

: 1-1 fitness sessions tailored for your current need of fitness capability. Great for building self confidence before joining a class or just for personal preference.


In order to make the most of coming to my classes and meeting others ,it makes sense to have  a social aspect  for all the classes so  we try and gather outside of fitness a few times a year.

This aspect is very important  to me and  clearly  helps people attending the classes 'belong' to fitness and to share talk of what we find hard about staying fit, having a better diet etc.
At the end of the day, we are ALL swimming in the same direction and our 'socials' allow us to meet others ,get inspired  to keep at it by learning more about each other  and  to know it's 'ok' to have the negative days but that you just pick yourself up and have that 'never give up' attitude!

If you're unable to attained any social events or its just not your thing, look out for my e mails where I try to keep you physically inspired to keep doing what you're doing plus, you'll find a recipy to try out  which will be ones  I regularly use so they will always be delicious!


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