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What Our Clients Have Said

Just some of the real life testimonials that we have received at Physically Fabulous:

“What a gift!...For Christmas I was given a gym ball and a voucher for (X number) personal training sessions with Sarah! I wasn’t entirely sure whether I was thrilled or horrified but what I did know was that I was filled with trepidation. Fortunately I had met Sarah a couple of times before and knew what a friendly person she was. However it still took a month to take the plunge and book my first session. Looking back I am not sure what all the fuss was about and wish I had picked up the phone sooner.

During our first conversation we discussed my thoughts on training and what I was aiming towards. I had a goal – I was running in the Cub Run in Seaton mid March and wanted not only to survive it but also to enjoy it! I would term myself a casual(ish) runner and ran two half marathons last year but the Cub Run was an off-road event which I knew would require infinitely more stamina. We arranged that I would have a 30 minute session per week with Sarah and I would do an additional two sessions during the week with a couple of runs in between.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Sarah as she varies the workout each week (using gym ball and weights) so that there is no opportunity to get fed up with a routine and I have enjoyed repeating the sessions during the week. Also the fact that it is a quick 30 minute session means that is it easy to fit in to a busy schedule.

Sarah makes the sessions fun and informative, advising what each exercise is strengthening/stretching and where I should feel it!

The sessions have really improved my core strength and have had a great impact on my running speed, my stamina and my confidence. The story so far ….. I ran the Cub Run, survived and had a lot of fun on the way!

Will I carry on with the sessions – definitely!

The next goal…… Just entered the Plymouth Half Marathon in May and would really like to improve on last year’s time – which I know is seriously possible with Sarah’s help.

PS if she asks if you would like to try boxing as a warm up – just say YES!"


Having taken the step to get fit again after years of neglect, I have been cycling and running with Sarah at Physically Fabulous once a week, nothing serious, with no real objectives other than to get out and feel better and fitter as the day job takes its toll.

Within a matter of 2 weeks I significantly felt the benefits and every session gets easier. Most enjoyable, great company, inspiring and working at a pace that is comfortable for me.



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